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Labour law

Online course

Language of the course:

Estonian language

Course volume:

100 academic hours of independent learning (including e-learning).

Short overview and structure of the online course

The Labour Law e-course provides the knowledge needed to understand the labour law regulations and their application in practice through independent work. At the end of the e-course, after having acquired new knowledge, a participant will be able to independently draft an employment contract in a field of their own choice (e.g., an employment contract for a driver, a shop assistant, an accountant, etc.). An independently drafted employment contract will be given oral or written feedback by the course supervisor.

The Labour Law e-course has been designed so that video lecture(s) are created for each (sub)module, and the sub-module is equipped with other necessary information (references to different sources). 

The structure of the Labour Law e-course can be found here.

Prerequisites for enrolling in an online course

There are no preconditions for participating in the Labour Law online course. All those who wish to acquire new knowledge or improve their existing knowledge of labour law are very welcome.

Completion of the online course

In order to participate in the Labour Law e-course, you need to register an account on the website, which will later be linked to the Labour Law e-course. More information will be provided after registration for the e-course. The e-course can be completed at a time and pace suitable to you personally.

Labour Law e-course is based on recorded video lectures. If you have any questions during the course, you can email them to the course organiser. If the questions do not require a long answer, they will be answered by email. In the case of a longer answer, we prefer three options: 1) by telephone; 2) via Zoom; 3) creating an additional video clip to the e-course. In the case of the first two options an exact date and time mutually convenient to both sides shall be agreed.

Documents delivered after the online course

Upon completion of the Labour Law e-course, a certificate or a notice will be issued. A certificate will be issued on the basis of the achievement of all learning outcomes. In order to achieve the learning objectives, it is necessary to complete various written tasks (answering short questions, analysing employment contracts, etc.) and multiple-choice tests, as well as to draw up various documents: a letter of resignation, an employment contract, etc. Written feedback will also be given to the written assignments. They will be reviewed and fed back within 24 to 72 (usually 24) hours; then, you can move on to the next sub-module.

When can I start the e-course? How long can I access the e-course?

Tööõiguse e-kursus on registreerimiseks avatud, kuid e-kursust saab registreerimise järgselt hakata läbima alates 1. septembrist. Juhul kui registreerute varakult e-kursusele, siis täpsema info e-kursuse läbimise kohta edastame Teile 28. augustil.

E-kursust saab registreerimise järgselt läbida 1 aasta.

Price of the course:

150 €

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Registration conditions and study conditions
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150 €
Course instructor:
Henry Kristoving
The course will be held in:
e-ope, + Google Map
150 €

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Registration conditions and study conditions
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