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Labour law


Language of the course:

Estonian language

Course volume:

100 academic hours of independent learning (including e-learning).

Short overview and structure of the e-course

In the Labour Law e-course, you will acquire specific knowledge through independent learning to better understand the legal side of the employment relationship. At the end of the e-course, you can independently draft an employment contract in a field of your own choice.

The Labour Law e-course has been designed so that video lecture(s) are created for each (sub)module, and the sub-module is equipped with other necessary information (references to different sources). 

The structure of the Labour Law e-course can be found here.

Prerequisites for enrolling in an e-course

There are no prerequisites for participation in a Labour Law e-course. The Labour Law e-course is primarily aimed at those who wish to broaden their knowledge of labor law, whether they are employees, employers, or simply interested.

Completion of the e-course

To participate in the Labour Law e-course, you need to register an account on our website, which will later be linked to the Labour Law e-course. We will send further information after registration for the e-course. You can complete the e-course at a time and pace that suits you.

The Labour Law e-course is based on recorded video lectures. If you have any questions during the e-course, email them to the e-course instructor. If the question does not require a long answer, it will be answered by email. Regarding a longer reply, we prefer three options for answering the question: 1) by telephone, 2) via Zoom, or 3) by creating an additional video clip attached to the e-course. For the first two options, the exact date and time suitable for the e-course participant and the e-course organizer will be agreed upon.

Documents delivered after the e-course

A certificate or a notice will be issued after the Labour Law e-course. The certificate is given when all learning outcomes have been achieved. To achieve these learning outcomes, you must do various written tasks (answering short questions, analyzing employment contracts, etc.) and multiple-choice tests, as well as draw up multiple documents: declaration of cancellation, an employment contract, etc. Written feedback will also be given on the assignments. Assignments will be reviewed, and feedback will be delivered within 24 to 72 hours (usually within 24 hours); then, you can move on to the next sub-module.

When can I start the e-course? How long can I access the e-course?

The Labour Law e-course will be open for enrolment no later than 15 April. Once registered, the e-course can be completed for two years.

Price of the course:

150 €

150 €
Course instructor:
Henry Kristoving
The course will be held in:
e-ope, + Google Map
150 €