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Individual course

Via Zoom

Language of the course:

in English

Course volume:

From 0 to 100 academic hours.

About the individual course

We offer an excellent opportunity to participate in an individual course (1-2 participants) via Zoom, which has the advantage of being personalized: you can acquire knowledge specific to your field of expertise, for example, if you work as a coach and you want to learn about a particular sports discipline (for example, how to analyze exercises in a specific sport), if you work as a masseur and you want to learn about massage (different massage theories); if you work as a human resources manager in a company and you want to learn about labour law (how to draft an employment contract); if you want to learn about the functioning of the human body at the level of the skeletal muscles; or if you need help in preparing for the masseur's professional exam, etc. We offer a wide range of individual Zoom courses (including consultations) on various topics.

Price and duration of the individual course

The total price of an individual course depends on the subject, volume, level of difficulty, etc. We try to keep the prices of Zoom individual courses reasonable so that you can take part in individual learning. You can find out the final cost (hourly price) of an individual course by sending us an email using the form below, specifying the subject you would like to study in Zoom.

The duration of the individual course (final number of hours) depends on the objectives set. If you wish to study a subject more focused, you will need fewer academic hours (e.g., five academic hours) to acquire basic knowledge in a particular field. However, if you want to study a subject in depth, you will need more academic hours (e.g., 30). However, if you want to achieve a higher level of knowledge in a particular field, you will need even more academic hours (e.g., 100).

The practice of Zoom individual courses so far has demonstrated that one Zoom session could last 1-1,5 hours. Ideally, a one-to-one Zoom session could be held once a week, but it is also possible to attend less frequently, for example once a month. There is no minimum number of hours, it is up to the individual course participant to decide. It is also possible to cancel a Zoom individual course at any time.

Send an email and specify the topic on which you would like an individual course via Zoom

We'll contact you within 24 hours and let you know if we can arrange a personalized course on a specific topic. If we can, we will send you a quotation, including the expected starting time of the individual course, the range of hours depending on the level of detail you wish to learn, and the exact hourly rate.

    Price of the course:

    30–40 €/hour

    30–40 €/tund
    Course instructor:
    Henry Kristoving
    The course will be held in:
    via Zoom, + Google Map
    30–40 €/hour