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Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage

Online course

Language of the course:

Estonian language

Course volume:

10 academic hours: independent learning (including e-learning) 10 academic hours.

Short overview and structure of the online course

The Cupping Massage online course is based on Western massage theory, where the skeletal muscles affected during a massage session, the massage techniques used, the directions of the massage techniques, and other essential principles are explained in logical arguments. For example, why certain massage movements with silicone cups are performed in one direction, why certain massage movements are not performed in another direction, why some massage movements with silicone cups are performed up and down the back, why some are performed crosswise, etc., are explained.

The structure of the online course can be found here.

Prerequisites for enrolling in an online course

The Cupping Massage online course is open to anyone interested in gaining knowledge and skills in Cupping Massage. There are no prerequisites for participation in the online course, as the Cupping Massage is not challenging to learn and practice independently. It could even be argued that the Cupping Massage is one of the simplest types of massage.

Completion of the online course

In order to participate in the Cupping Massage e-course, you need to register an account on the website, which will later be linked to the Cupping Massage e-course. More information will be provided after registration for the e-course.

Cupping Massage e-course is based on recorded video lectures. If you have any questions during the course, you can email them to the course organiser. If the questions do not require a long answer, they will be answered by email. In the case of a longer answer, we prefer three options: 1) by telephone; 2) via Zoom; 3) creating an additional video clip to the e-course. In the case of the first two options an exact date and time mutually convenient to both sides shall be agreed.

Documents delivered after the online course

Upon completion of the Cupping Massage e-course, a certificate or a notice will be issued. A certificate will be issued based on the achievement of all learning outcomes. Various written assignments and multiple-choice tests must be completed to achieve the learning objectives. Written feedback on the written assignments will be provided by the e-course organiser. Written assignments will be reviewed and fed back within 24 to 72 (usually 24) hours; you can then move on to the next module.

When can I start completing the Cupping Massage e-course? How long can I take the e-course?

By enrolling in the Cupping Massage online course, you can start completing the course within 48 hours.

You have one year from enrolment to complete the online course.

Cupping Massage
Price of the course:

55 €

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Registration conditions and study conditions
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55 €
Course instructor:
Henry Kristoving
The course will be held in:
e-ope, + Google Map
55 €

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Registration conditions and study conditions
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