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The Kinesiology


Language of the course:

Estonian language

Course volume:

50 academic hours, of which 50 academic hours of independent learning (including e-learning).

Short overview and structure of the e-course

Kinesiology is defined as the study of movement. This definition may be general, as kinesiology combines anatomy, physiology, physics, and other disciplines. Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement, aiming to understand how the human body moves and responds to physical activity. As kinesiology combines many different disciplines, it is not a good idea to study kinesiology until you have acquired sufficient basic knowledge. When you have acquired enough basic knowledge of the functioning of the human body and have successfully completed kinesiology, you have made a huge step forward in understanding the functioning of the human body in the context of movements.

In the future, you will find the structure of the Kinesiology e-course here.

Prerequisites for enrolling in an e-course

There are two prerequisites for participation in the Kinesiology e-course: you must have previously completed the Functional Anatomy and Human Anatomy and Physiology course. This is because the abovementioned e-courses provide knowledge of the skeletal muscles and other systems of the human body, as well as knowledge of the basic movements of the human body. This knowledge is essential for a more systematic understanding of the movements performed in the context of the skeletal muscles and joints, as the kinesiology e-course will cover these topics in more detail.

If you plan to participate in the Kinesiology e-course, please send us (koolitused@multifarius.ee) copies of your Human Anatomy and Physiology and Functional Anatomy certificates after enrolling in the Kinesiology e-course. You do not need to send copies of the certificates if you have completed these courses at our institution. In addition to previous studies, we also consider work experience; please get in touch with us by e-mail for further information.

Completion of the e-course

To participate in the Kinesiology e-course, you need to register an account on the website, which will later be linked to the Kinesiology e-course. Further information will be sent after enrolment.

The Kinesiology e-course is based on recorded video lectures. If you have any questions during learning, you can ask them by e-mail. If the questions do not require a long answer, they will be answered by e-mail. Regarding a longer answer, we prefer three options for answering: 1) by phone, 2) via Zoom, or 3) by creating an additional video clip that is attached to the e-course. An exact date and time will be agreed upon for the first two options. When answering questions, if possible, we would prefer to create an additional video clip of what is attached to the e-course.

Documents delivered after the e-course

Upon completion of the Kinesiology e-course, a certificate or a notice will be issued. The certificate is issued when all learning outcomes have been achieved. To achieve these learning outcomes, various tasks must be completed: answering short questions, passing tests, describing processes, analysing movements, etc. Written feedback will be given for written tasks. Written assignments will be reviewed, and feedback will be given within 24 to 72 hours (generally within 24 hours); then, it is possible to move on to the next module.

When can I start completing the e-course?

The Kinesiology e-course will be open for enrolment on 15 August 2024 at the latest. Once registered, the e-course can be accessed for two years.

Price of the e-course:

100 €

100 €
Course instructor:
Henry Kristoving
The course will be held in:
e-ope, + Google Map
100 €