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Human anatomy and physiology


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100 akadeemilist tundi, millest iseseisev töö (sh e-õpe) moodustab 100 ak. t.

Short introduction of the e-course

The Human Anatomy and Physiology e-course will give you an overview of all the human organs or systems: digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, urogenital: urinary and genital, endocrine, nervous and sensory systems. In addition to the knowledge acquired within the organs, the various links between other organs/systems are also explained. For example, how hormones produced by the adrenal gland affect the functioning of other organs, or how the lymphatic and circulatory systems are related. By the end of the e-course, you will have a better understanding of the functioning of the human body as a whole.

Structure of the e-course and feedback on individual assignments

The structure of the Human Anatomy and Physiology e-course can be found here. The e-course is structured on the basis of (sub)modules, which are integrated with recorded video lectures. On the basis of these, the e-course participant acquires new knowledge about human anatomy and physiology and performs various assignments at the end of the module. The independent work will mainly consist of multiple-choice tests and written tasks (answering short questions). Written feedback on the written assignments will also be provided by the e-course teacher to help you to stay on track with your studies. Feedback will be given within 24-72 hours, after which you can move on to the next (sub)module.

Prerequisites for e-course participation

The Human Anatomy and Physiology e-course is open to anyone who wants to start from zero in human anatomy and physiology or who wants to refresh their knowledge.

Documents delivered after the e-course

After successful completion of the Human Anatomy and Physiology e-course (submission and successful completion of all independent assignments), an electronic certificate will be delivered to the e-course participant.

Enrolment, payment and completion of the e-course

The Human Anatomy and Physiology e-course is now open for registration. Once enrolled, you can start the e-course from 15 September. We are currently updating/developing the Human Anatomy and Physiology e-course. Therefore, you cannot begin earlier.

You must complete two stages to participate in the Human Anatomy and Physiology e-course. First, register for the e-course (“Register for the course”). Once registered, pay via PayPal (“Pay for this course”). If these two steps are completed, we will send you information on accessing the e-course by 15 September at the latest. After registration and successful payment, you will receive an additional notification via email within 24 hours, where we will let you know if everything went according to plan. 

anatoomia ja füsiloogia
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