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skeletilihased, funktsionaalne anatoomia, funktsionaalse anatoomia, müofastsiaalsed liinid, Lihaspõhiste situatsioonülesannete lahendamine

Functional anatomy (in English terminology)


Language of the course:

in English

Course volume:

100 academic hours: independent learning (including e-learning) 100 academic hours.

Short overview and structure of the e-course

In the Functional Anatomy e-course, you will learn about 100 different skeletal muscles, knowing the names of many different skeletal muscles at the end of the e-course. You will also acquire a basic knowledge of the origins and insertions of the skeletal muscles, which will help you to determine the functions of the skeletal muscles, i.e. the specific anatomical terminology: flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation, external rotation, etc. Functional anatomy provides the basis for understanding the functioning of the human body at the level of the skeletal muscles, in particularly the functions of the skeletal muscles.

The Functional Anatomy e-course is designed so that video lectures are prepared for each module to give you new knowledge about the skeletal muscle system. To acquire new knowledge, you must pass different tests and solve assignments within each (sub)module.

The structure of the e-course can be found here.

Prerequisites for enrolling in an e-course

The Functional Anatomy e-course is suitable for anyone who wants to start from zero on learning skeletal muscles or refresh their previous knowledge. The Functional Anatomy e-course also gives a perfect foundation for those who plan to take the Level 5 masseur exam in the future. Knowledge of functional anatomy has a vital role to play in the professional examination. For example, manual muscle testing is based on skeletal muscle functions.

Completion of the e-course

To participate in the Functional Anatomy e-course, you must register an account on our website, which will later be linked to the Functional Anatomy e-course. We will send further information after registration for the e-course. You can complete the e-course at a time and pace that suits you.

The Functional Anatomy e-course is based on recorded video lectures. If you have any questions during the e-course, you can email them to the course instructor. If the question does not require a long answer, it will be answered by email. Regarding a longer reply, we prefer to answer the questions in one of three ways: 1) by phone, 2) via Zoom, or 3) by creating an additional video clip in the e-course. For the first two options, an exact date and time will be agreed to suit both.

Documents delivered after the e-course

After completing the Functional Anatomy e-course, a certificate or a notice will be issued. The certificate will be issued when all learning outcomes have been achieved. Various assignments and multiple-choice tests are required to accomplish these provided learning outcomes. Feedback on the assignments will be given in written form by the e-course instructor. The e-course instructor will review assignments and provide feedback within 24-72 hours (generally within 24 hours); then, you can move to the next module.

When can I start the Functional Anatomy e-course? How long will it take to complete the e-course?

The Functional Anatomy e-course will be open for registration by 15 June at the latest. Once registered, the e-course can be completed for two years.

skeletilihased, funktsionaalne anatoomia, funktsionaalse anatoomia, müofastsiaalsed liinid, Lihaspõhiste situatsioonülesannete lahendamine
Price of the e-course:

150 €

150 €
Course instructor:
Henry Kristoving
The course will be held in:
e-ope, + Google Map
150 €